Saturday, January 30, 2010

Various Aspects of Intelligence

It's interesting to note how different our minds work.

With a mixture of charm and prodding, I pulled two friends to join me in a competition organized by one of the more prominent college organizations. The teaser they made was misleading. It said that topics were anything under the sun and so I thought they would ask trivial questions. Lo and behold, the topics ended up being 80% sciences and 20% others (literature and general information). What I thought would be a fun and leisurely activity turned out to be nerve-wracking and stressful to the brain.

During the contest, I noted some observations.

Friend 1: highly astute in the sciences and math, quick problem-solver and highly analytical

Friend 2: astute in the sciences and math as well but not like F1, quite knowledgeable in literature, history and the social sciences

Comparing (I know it's bad! Sorry!) F1 and F2, F1 usually tops the exams in physics and math. F1 is quick in answering problem sets while F2 gets stumped by questions from time to time.

And yet during the contest it was F2 who was able to answer the questions. Simple as the questions might be, F2 works better under time pressure as compared with F1. And the knowledge in literature and the social sciences helped us rake in some points as well.

It is just amazing how the human mind can be so complex and have so many permutations. Some theories of intelligence from known psychologists would tell you that intelligence is not bounded by the academic setting. There are people who excel and are "intelligent" in athletics, music, in social situations and whatnot.

And that, my dear reader, is what went on my mind right after the contest. I am such a nerd.


  1. It's alright haha. The important thing is we tried our best. hahahahah!

  2. the ability to think fast while under pressure is really of great help during competitions and in some real-life situations..but then not everything is a competition where you need to be first at the buzzer. it's okay if you didn't win. the experience alone makes it memorable. =)

  3. the mind works in different ways. it's just comforting for me to know that mine works. =D

  4. @Paci: True. We learned our lesson - never to join these competitions again! Stressful to the brain hahaha.

    @Engel: That's true. It's enough to know that our minds work ;)

  5. ahhh.. i miss college competitions...

  6. Really now?!
    i miss quizes and cramming for an exam.. :)

    hope you add me up to your blogroll. :)

  7. nerds are the new jocks! hot! hot! LOL!

  8. @waderingcommuter: after that contest, i don't think i'll miss it that much haha.
    @Dhon: added you now :)
    @Toiletdrama: I agree haha.
    @Callmecuervo: that's why we get along :)