Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Is It Okay to Lie?

This is the question posed to us today by our Philosophy professor. As a prelude to our upcoming class on Ethics, we are to philosophize this question.

Lying, to me, is a justifiable act. Though we are taught early on in childhood about the importance of honesty and the truth, the situations we encounter as adults entail careful analysis and value judgment. Sure, a child must confess his recklessness in breaking that expensive vase. He should not use the house helper as a scapegoat when he is the one who committed the wrong deed.

However, how do you tell your brother that among all of you, he is the only one that is adopted? What do you say when he asks you? Do you tell the truth - not knowing what his reaction would be? Or do you lie and wait for your parents to tackle the issue with him? This might not be a sufficient example, but I think it illustrates the difference between the situations we face as adults from those back in our childhood. Things are not simply black and white unlike they used to be. More often than not, we are placed in very difficult situations where we need to weigh the possible consequences of our decisions.

The problem then lies on the kind of situation that besets us, the options and the corresponding consequences that we must inevitably choose from. The courageous and kind hearted individuals who put their lives at risk by lying about the whereabouts of Jews, or even hid them in their basements and were completely mum about it, would surely justify their withdrawal of the truth. After all, a person's life greatly outweighs the necessity to be morally right. Perhaps we can even say that such an action is "more moral" than upholding the truth.

Hence, one must go through the difficult task of weighing his options and using his moral compass in judging whether a situation calls for the complete truth, a stretching of it or a white lie. One must account for his intentions and reasons in rationalizing such an act. If in the end, upholding the truth is the best option, no matter how painful it is, then so shall it be. However, if such truth is withheld for the purpose of saving one's face or for fear of its consequences, then no kind of rationalization would ever justify that act.

More often that not, the truth is the right choice. But there are just those instances wherein the being honest would just exacerbate the situation further, and aggravating all parties involved. Thus, maybe lying would be the better option - but that is a big maybe.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!

Hope you had a grand time frolicking in the meadow, dancing in the rain and kissing each other until your lips start to bleed haha!

As I have said at the start of this year, I am back to blog the exciting and the mundane in my life. D, my ever-dashing and handsome partner, probed about my Valentine's day last year with ex. As I racked my brain for that nugget of memory, all I see and hear is the static, colored TV. And so here I am, typing away the events that warmed, excited and titillated the senses. (what are you thinking eh?)

This 14th of February was a day of many firsts. Albeit cliche, I wanted to have a somewhat special meal to share with with D. Ninyo's near Katipunan Avenue was my first choice, but they only served a shocking 12-course degustation worth a whopping P2,500 per head. Sadly, we don't have allowances that would allow such spending! Ok, this is now written in my non-existent bucket list.

I ended up placing a reservation for the Masquerade event of Cravings. All turned out to be splendid. We enjoyed a scrumptious feast of salads, especially the creamy potatoes, pumpkin soup with croutons, the special dishes of prawns and pasta as well as the bacon-wrapped minced beef with wine and cherry sauce and the strawberry flavored dessert in a shot glass. (Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture! Grr!) Drinking red wine was a first for D. He didn't like the taste the taste at all given the mild contortions on his face as he took a gulp haha! My D is still such a young boy...at heart =)

Meet Craig
D and I were surprised to receive so many giveaways from Cravings! There was complimentary wine, masquerade-themed photo booth, a plush teddy bear and even two tickets to Regine's and Ogie's concert (sorry, we're not fans haha!). All in all, it was a very fulfilling dinner for a quarter of the price if we had eaten at Ninyo's.

It was also our first time to light up a heart-shaped lantern. Together with two other couples, we waited for nightfall to experience such a wonderful sight. In the beginning, the lantern seemed to wobble in the air as the wind was kind of strong. To our horror, it even hit one of the structures near us. Thankfully, no buildings were sacrificed just so that some kids could light up lanterns.

We were three couples - we being the only same-sex couple. For some reason, I feel proud about this fact. Perhaps it's just really nice to be around with other friends and couples without having to worry about what others might think.

That's about it. Hope you had a blast as well!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

New Beginning

For this year, according to the one of the predictions for those born in the year of the Horse I saw while going around SM Makati, those who plan to change careers should do so in the month of March. It said something about March being the best time for such a life-changing shift.

Funny how in March, I will officially apply for a degree in Economics. Officially, I'm turning my back to Engineering, not only the course, but also the opportunities in the organizations I'm part of, and sadly, some of the people I've been with for the past two years as well.

This year has been a roller coaster for me. I ping-ponged back in forth, deciding whether I wanted a life as an engineer or perhaps something entirely different. One moment I wanted to become a psychologist, the next a sociologist. English Studies and Literature caught my attention for a certain period of time, before I finally settled with Economics.

Why, for goodness' sake, did I choose a course in Chemical Engineering in the first place? Well, I remember my train of thought going something like this:

1. I fancied Chemistry back in high school. In fact, I was one of the top students in the advanced class. Chemistry, to me, is a very interesting subject, that opens my mind to the many wonders of the world.

2. But then, I thought to myself that I didn't want to end up researching and conducting tests for the rest of my life.

3. Chemical Engineering offered such a lucrative career. It's been ranked as one of the top earners in American statistics; surely it holds somewhat true here in our country.

4. I read in Reader's Digest how this person took up Electrical Engineering and eventually became one of the head honchos of some large company. So I could still be a high-ranking executive of some company without taking up a bachelor's degree in business. [This was high school me. Please forgive.] << I think I blame RD for planting such a thought in my head haha!

Saying you want to be a Chemical Engineer is one thing, going through the classes and exams are another. I remember being so unmotivated to read the otherwordly textbooks, listen to newbie instructors and do the puzzling problem sets. Really, I was one of the honor students back in high school. I remember having fairly solid work etiquette. WHAT HAPPENED?

I really was miserable in that course - and plenty of my peers ARE as well. But, unlike them, I have the balls and privilege to shift at this point in the game. I do understand that shifting as a junior is quite late already. I'd graduate two years after my batchmates in high school do.

Still, I realized that the years it takes to finish a college degree do not matter. What's more important is how I lost myself in the confusion of dreams, aspirations and passions in life, and in the process, found out more about myself. That's one of the things college is able to offer - albeit easily overlooked amongst the grades, certificates and classes.

After all, life is all about getting lost, trying this and that out to see if I'd like it, and eventually finding that elusive something that I can finally say should be part of my life.

(P.S. I hope I find it in Economics hahaha!)

Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Letter to Alumni

Last Wednesday night, I was casually chatting with Chris, about org matters when he suddenly asked me about my schedule for Saturday. Told him I was free for the whole afternoon, to which he asked me if we could meet up along with our other friend, Ces, to discuss some very important issues about the org. Upon hearing this, I was very intrigued. What could have they heard or known that called for such a meeting on a Saturday afternoon?

So there I was at KFC, waiting for them to tell me these "pressing" issues. I was surprised to find out of growing tensions among, you, our dear alumni, of the organization. Little did I know that quite a number of you (and really, you're not that many), feel very distant to the organization and the current members. Come to think about it, it's not surprising at all. And it really does annoy me to find out about this because of the following reasons:

1) Some of you consciously distanced yourselves from the organization after my break-up with you-know-who. Come on, it was evident that some of you took sides. While I perfectly understand that he needed all the consolation from you guys, it is just very disappointing that you would mix personal issues with organizational matters.

2) The only permanent thing in this world is change. So it is not surprising that the crowd (the current members) are very different from those of you who have graduated. While you guys are used to drinking and talking of more personal (sometimes vulgar) topics, the current members are quite innocent and are focused on their academics (as of now haha!). Please don't take it as a sign of arrogance on their part.

The culture of the organization is changing, along with its ways. And I believe that this is for the better. Most of you left us with nothing - the organization on the brink of extinction. Now you hurl at us insults on how we run it. Unlike most of you, I still clearly remember the failures that happened during your time. And as the leader of this organization, I vowed to turn the ways and ensure organizational growth, which probably is the reason for the change in culture. Things are really different now.

Despite the rant and hurt feelings that I have for you, my dear alumni, I think it is best of course to rebuild the ties. Yes, it would be prudent to hold some consultations with you on some org matters. Yes, you are still stakeholders of this organization, and by that should know what is happening to it. And of course, I know that some of you really are just trying to help out.

Please understand though that your time has long passed. Suggesting ways on how we can improve things is one thing. Complaining about how different things are from your time is something else. Please let us do this on our own. After all, just like in your time, all we want for this organization is to be the best it can be - however unclear that may be to you.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

About Time

After all that's happened since my last post, I have finally decided to go back and post something in this blog.

At first, I intended this blog to serve as a medium for me to meet other people of similar interests. But the motive proved pointless, and laziness soon took over me.

Now I start anew to chronicle the events and emotions I will experience this year. Reminiscing and reflecting on things are not my cup of tea - as I prefer to look ahead and anticipate the future. Then again, I feel the urge to jot down those little pieces of life that I always seem to overlook.

Whenever I try to look back at the year that was, I sadly always come up blank. Hence, let me use this avenue to analyze, digest and reflect on the musings of life. Hopefully, I can maintain such an endeavor.

Cheers to the new year! Cheers to a better me (and you!)

Friday, February 5, 2010

Cool Off

I agreed in having a cool off since I thought it would be the best for both of us. Perhaps we're spending too much time together; we're practically smothering each other. We gave ourselves a week off each other to help ease the tension between us and for us to think things through as well. Maybe it's time to reevaluate what we want and can do for this relationship.

If you do read this post, I want you to know that you've been in my thoughts for the whole day. You've become a significant part of me such that my day isn't complete without speaking with you. Even though it pains me, I'll try my best to endure a week long hiatus from you.

I was also pondering on some things with regard to our relationship. I asked myself whether I would want to continue our relationship or end it definitely. No matter what I tell myself, there's only one thing I'm quite sure of.

I can't imagine seeing you with someone else.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Various Aspects of Intelligence

It's interesting to note how different our minds work.

With a mixture of charm and prodding, I pulled two friends to join me in a competition organized by one of the more prominent college organizations. The teaser they made was misleading. It said that topics were anything under the sun and so I thought they would ask trivial questions. Lo and behold, the topics ended up being 80% sciences and 20% others (literature and general information). What I thought would be a fun and leisurely activity turned out to be nerve-wracking and stressful to the brain.

During the contest, I noted some observations.

Friend 1: highly astute in the sciences and math, quick problem-solver and highly analytical

Friend 2: astute in the sciences and math as well but not like F1, quite knowledgeable in literature, history and the social sciences

Comparing (I know it's bad! Sorry!) F1 and F2, F1 usually tops the exams in physics and math. F1 is quick in answering problem sets while F2 gets stumped by questions from time to time.

And yet during the contest it was F2 who was able to answer the questions. Simple as the questions might be, F2 works better under time pressure as compared with F1. And the knowledge in literature and the social sciences helped us rake in some points as well.

It is just amazing how the human mind can be so complex and have so many permutations. Some theories of intelligence from known psychologists would tell you that intelligence is not bounded by the academic setting. There are people who excel and are "intelligent" in athletics, music, in social situations and whatnot.

And that, my dear reader, is what went on my mind right after the contest. I am such a nerd.