Saturday, January 14, 2012

About Time

After all that's happened since my last post, I have finally decided to go back and post something in this blog.

At first, I intended this blog to serve as a medium for me to meet other people of similar interests. But the motive proved pointless, and laziness soon took over me.

Now I start anew to chronicle the events and emotions I will experience this year. Reminiscing and reflecting on things are not my cup of tea - as I prefer to look ahead and anticipate the future. Then again, I feel the urge to jot down those little pieces of life that I always seem to overlook.

Whenever I try to look back at the year that was, I sadly always come up blank. Hence, let me use this avenue to analyze, digest and reflect on the musings of life. Hopefully, I can maintain such an endeavor.

Cheers to the new year! Cheers to a better me (and you!)


  1. hey, you're back!!!

    Happy new year! hope you get to write continuously this year. it is a great way of remembering how you were at a certain point in your life. :)

    engel here.

  2. Oh wow! It's nice to see that at least someone is able to read this lifeless (as of the moment) blog of mine haha! Happy new year to you too! =)