Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Letter to Alumni

Last Wednesday night, I was casually chatting with Chris, about org matters when he suddenly asked me about my schedule for Saturday. Told him I was free for the whole afternoon, to which he asked me if we could meet up along with our other friend, Ces, to discuss some very important issues about the org. Upon hearing this, I was very intrigued. What could have they heard or known that called for such a meeting on a Saturday afternoon?

So there I was at KFC, waiting for them to tell me these "pressing" issues. I was surprised to find out of growing tensions among, you, our dear alumni, of the organization. Little did I know that quite a number of you (and really, you're not that many), feel very distant to the organization and the current members. Come to think about it, it's not surprising at all. And it really does annoy me to find out about this because of the following reasons:

1) Some of you consciously distanced yourselves from the organization after my break-up with you-know-who. Come on, it was evident that some of you took sides. While I perfectly understand that he needed all the consolation from you guys, it is just very disappointing that you would mix personal issues with organizational matters.

2) The only permanent thing in this world is change. So it is not surprising that the crowd (the current members) are very different from those of you who have graduated. While you guys are used to drinking and talking of more personal (sometimes vulgar) topics, the current members are quite innocent and are focused on their academics (as of now haha!). Please don't take it as a sign of arrogance on their part.

The culture of the organization is changing, along with its ways. And I believe that this is for the better. Most of you left us with nothing - the organization on the brink of extinction. Now you hurl at us insults on how we run it. Unlike most of you, I still clearly remember the failures that happened during your time. And as the leader of this organization, I vowed to turn the ways and ensure organizational growth, which probably is the reason for the change in culture. Things are really different now.

Despite the rant and hurt feelings that I have for you, my dear alumni, I think it is best of course to rebuild the ties. Yes, it would be prudent to hold some consultations with you on some org matters. Yes, you are still stakeholders of this organization, and by that should know what is happening to it. And of course, I know that some of you really are just trying to help out.

Please understand though that your time has long passed. Suggesting ways on how we can improve things is one thing. Complaining about how different things are from your time is something else. Please let us do this on our own. After all, just like in your time, all we want for this organization is to be the best it can be - however unclear that may be to you.

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